"Shades of Gold"
(Thank you Wendy for letting me add this lovely photo of your friends to my website.
There's no better way to explain the different varieties of colours)
Catcomb Golden Retrievers

There is always something going on at the GANWALES FAMILY. On the news page you can find a lot of information,  links to the updated pages and other things which I think they may be interesting for you.



4/2011 not really new stuff to write. Updated the litter page. Now we have to wait until Ella starts her season. Finges crossed.
1/2011 all puppies are happy living with their new families.
Ganwales Prezel moved to Canada, she now lives with the Dreamkeeper Goldens. Thank you Christine for your trust in my breeding, I am happy, that Honey got the chance to come to Canada, hope we will find her name in future pedigrees !
24.11.2010 Candy gave birth to 8 lovely puppies. Go to the litter page for infos
18.7.2010 We are looking for quality families for a few of Jersey's pups. Cagney is the father and we are expecting those puppies to develop into very calm, sensitiv dogs with natural temperament for all kind of jobs. Jersey and Cagney are very intelligent dogs with good working interest and a close relationship to people. "Will to please" is something "normal" to them, no discussion needed. This makes them to a comfortable perfect familydog, but also a reliable dog for gundog training.

If you feel you are the right person for such a puppy, please get in contact via telefone +43 (067 7252536 or email   michaela@ganwales.at I will be happy to answer your questions


1.6.2010 Jersey gave birth to 10 lovely puppies, 9 boys and one girl. Infos to this litter can be found at the Dailuaine website, here's the link --- CLICK 
30.5.2010 Pollys puppies born .... go to litter page--- CLICK
29.4.2010 Today we had a very sad decision to make, we had to put Archie to sleep. With his death a lot of memories came back: the first time having a puppy,  the first time going to a dog show and show a dog, the first time dealing with studdogs, bitches, mating and premate-test, meeting a lot of dog people, creating friedships,....
Together we went through the last 13 years and got to know a lot of exciting things. He introduced me to a completely different life, we both enjoyed it. Archie produced more than 220 puppies, was well known and chosen because of his good looks, health and ability to pass on to his progeny his top quality. I would like to thank everybody who thought so highly of Archibald and use him as studdog. I send best wishes to all owners of his puppies and wish them all the best for the future.
8.2.2010 several updates made on these pages: litter, cagney, ella, percy,  
24.12.2009 Merry Christmas to all our friends abroad !
20.9.2009 Polly is especting her puppies mid of octoer 2009, enquiries welcome
1.3.2009 Due to different circumstances Mr.Green (Ganwales Mr. Nice Guy) is looking for a nice family. For photos go to the puppy page. 
27.1.2009 Fotos of week 3 online at the puppy page.
6.11.2009 Ganwales Cream Caramel gave birth to 12 puppies. Unfortunately 2 were born dead, but the remaining 10 are feeling fine. More news and a whole bunch of fotos can be found at this link: http://www.ganwales.at/M_Wurf.htm
20.12.2008 Sinas puppies left to their new homes. Good luck to you all, I'll miss you ! The updated page with fotos and the story can be found at this link:  http://www.ganwales.at/L_Wurf.htm
5.11.2008 Ganwales Cream Caramel mated - puppies expected around 6th january 2008
25.10.2008 Puppies born
25.9.2008 All the pups are now with their new owners. Again time passed very fast.

Kalifornia Girl and Kokomo:
Today we left early in the morning, heading to Munich airport where we met Julie, a staff member of US Airways. The USAirways program is a special program just for assistance dogs. They fly for the Bergin University of Canine Studies any dog, adult or puppy, in the cabin to it's destination.

My two pups will have a long journey together with Julie to San Francisco, where they are desperately awaited from Molly, their new owner. Molly is the dog program manager of Bergin University of Canine Studies and made this great opportunity for my two pups come true. They were chosen to join the institution as assistance dogs and later join their breeding scheme.

Kalifornia Girl and Kokomo enjoyed their first big trip and were welcomed at the airport as "special passengers". Everybody was excited, only the pups sat absolutely relaxed on top of their car-box, waggling their tails and enjoyed beeing the center of attraction. Even the two crew members (lovely dressed in "Dirndls") were happy to have such cuddly passengers on their flight.

  Molly Morelli, Dog Program Manager
 Assistance Dog Institute- World's only academic college in dog studies
-- Helping dogs help people!



23.9.2009 Gee, a lot of stuff has been chaged.
** New pic at Archies, Sunnys, Jerseys and Pollys page.
** Cag's page has got a big update with a new gallery: Cagney in Action....
...go ahead, look at it, it's worth it !!!! 
** Sina has been mated, so the next Ganwales puppies are due end of october.
8.8.2008 Polly gave birth to 4 boys & 1 girl on 30th july 2008.
Daddy Cagney is happy about his first puppies. As the job says beeing a proud daddy, he gards infront of the whelping-box.
15.7.2008 2,5 weeks to go, then the puppies will be born. Polly is feeling fine. It now is obviously that she is carrying pups. How much.....well see in a couple of weeks.
28.5.2008 today we had a perfect mating. Hope all goes well, then we will have end of july some lovely puppies of  Polly & Cagney
20.5.2008 Well, all the puppies now are happily living at their new homes.........exept one little girl, she stayed with us. In a couple of weeks we will introduce our new family member GANWALES JERSEY
20.2.2008 puppies expected around 20th march 2008
6.2.2008 litter page updated
----> OUR DOGS
23.11.2007 Because of a severe Pyometra Polly lost her litter. The medications seem to do a good job. So fingers crossed, maybe she had a "dog guardian angel" and recovers completely.
For those who were booked for a puppy, i regret having to say, that it will take a couple of months longer. As soon Penny starts her season she will be mated. This should be in november - december.
9.10.2007 Pollly finally started her season, a little late, but we are looking forward to some nice days in the UK for the mating which should take place some time around 18.Oktober 2007.
3.8.2007 Studdog for Polly's next litter in autumn 2007 online !
4.7.2007 Happy 1st Birthday to my Knights and their Damselles
15.6.2007 litter updated
11.4.2007 photos of the "Back to the Roots"- puppies online!
6.4.2007 Archie and Sunny's puppie born..
5.2.2007 Going back to the beginning: Archie mated Sunny, further details can be found at my litter page.
17.1.2007 nes photos of the pups of Duncan and Candy  online
10.1.2007 mating plans updated
3.1.2007  The H-Litter of Ganwales kennel was born. Theme of this litter will be "The funny Ones".
3.12.2006 ---First Showresults of Cagney.
---Archibald wins a large Veteran-Class of 7 Dogs and gets his first ticket for Vet-CH. Well done old Boy !
25.11.2006 Cagney's page updated
2.11.2006 Candy is mated
15.9.2006 litter page updated.
Page of "Knights & Damselles"-litter updated
14.8.2006 new pics of week 5 online
26.7.2006 New photo of Ganwales Cream Caramel "Candy"
20.7.2006 Cagney - my new little boy from England - has his own page.
18.7.2006 new photos of the Knight & Damselles online !
11.7.2006 Ganwales Cream Caramel will be mated in july 2006 to TREBELL TAKEN BY STORM- infos at litter-page
4.7.2006 Sina & Shadow puppies are born. 6 boys & 2 girls. Further infos can be found at the litter-page.
4.5.2006 CH Amirene Wind in the Willows will be the father of our next puppies. The mating took place on 4.May 2006 and we all are now hoping for puppies around the beginning of July 2006.
22:4:2006 Sina will be mated beginning of may, studdog online !
5.1.2006 News from my "Cream Dakota Pearl". David added to this year's  "New Year" wishes some lovely photos of Pearl. During the past few months  Pearl developed into a lovely young bitch, full of temperament and working passion. Together with her american friends she enjoys the gundog work in the field. Although she needs more "camoflage" than the others, she does her work very well !  ------ go to  progeny/G.D.Alistar of Wingshot
3.1.2006 SORRY ! No puppies this time. Sunny is not carrrying puppies. For some reason the mating was not sucessfull. She is feeling fine, no problems at all, gues it just was not meant to be this time.
30.11.2005 Sunny has been mated to Trewater Legend. For further details please go to the litter page.
10.11.2005 Litter planned with Trewater by Sunrise, expected mating around november 2005.
25.10.2005 After a long time, I finally found some time to update my pages:

In the meantime we moved houses. We stayed in the same area, just on the other side of the village. The last couple of weeks were a very stressful time for all of us. Sorry to all my puppy-buyers, dogfriends and others who waited hopelessly for an email answer. Our Computer system broke down, the telephone connection didnt work the first week and a few other things didnt work as planned. Now we are in our new house, the doggies enjoy the big garden and chase eachother the whole day around. We still have a lot of work to do, especially finding the right place for our stuff, organizing everything new and adapting the house for "our big 4-legged family". Not easy, believe me. But we are improving.

So have a look around the webpage. I've added some new fotos  and updated the LITTER page.

25.8.2005 new photo of G.Duchess Penelope of Sunmountain
23.8.2005 photos of week 6+7 online
6.8.2005 photos of week 5 online
31.7.2005 photos of week 4 online
22.7.2005 Bransons page updated
20.7.2005 new fotos online !
4.7.2005 Pollys puppies born on "4th of July" - what a date !!!!!!
30.6.2005 *****TERRIFIC HEALTH RESULTS !*****

Ganwales Cream Caramel    hips-A, elbows - 0/0, clear eyes
Ganwales Duchess Penelope of Sunmountain   hips-A, elbows- 0/0, eyes follow
Ganwales Cup Cake  hips-A, elbows- 0/0, eyes follow
Ganwales Captain Churchill  hips-A, elbows- 0/0
Ganwales Charming Choice  hips-A, elbows- 0/0, clear eyes
Ganwales Duchess Claire of Golden Fall  hips-A, elbows- 0/0, clear eyes
Ganwales Duchess Toffee of Angels Pride hips-A, elbows-0/0.


25.6.2005 Ganwales Cream Caramel and Ganwales Duchess Penelope of Sunmountain passed their gundog-character test !
12.5.2005 several changes made ......
4.5.2005 Puppies expected beginning of July

Xanthos Just In Time & Trewater Polly


21.4.2005 After a long time of thinking, I finally made up my mind.
Go to the litter page  for further informations.

Looking back on a successful Working- and Show Weekend at Ganwales

Ganwales Christopher Columbus (Yukon) passed with a terriffic result his first examination towards beeing a Snow-Rescue-Dog.

This is the 2nd dog of Polly&Archies litter, who passed successfully this examination. They proved to be real retrievers. Congratulation!

Ganwales Bright N'Blue (Jamie) passed with a really good 2nd placing her "Gundog Retrieving Test A" organized by the German Retriever Club.  

Ganwales All Like an Angel (Sina)  was sucessful at a dog show this weekend.
Interntional Show in Wieselburg: Excellent 2 - Res. CACA

Ganwales Charming Choice living in Switzerland also attended a show this weekend:
Clubshow in Langenthal: Junior Class- Excellent 4


4.4.2005 new index foto of Bob at the age of 3.
28.2.2005 Ganwales Cotton Candy (Chira) and Alexandra Trocker (living in Seis in South-Tyrol) passed with a terriffic result their first examination towards beeing a Snow-Rescue-Dog.
Alexandra und  Chira CONGRATULATIONS
and good luck for the future !
21.2.2005 New Photos: Candy, Choice 
11.2.2004 just a few changes, update LITTER page.
13.1.2005 4th+5th week: new photos of puppies online !
4.1.2005 3rd  week: new photos of puppies online
...new profile photo of Polly online...
  29.12.2004 ... walking through Winter-Wonder-Land.... (after looking, just shut the window)
28.12.2004 2nd week: new photos of puppies online
21.12.2004 photos of currant litter online
19.12.2004 new foto of G.Blueprint, changes at "Our Dogs"
14.11.2004 Puppies born - go to litter page !
29.11.2004 G.Duchess Penelope of Sunmountain has her own website
25.11.2004 new foto: G. Charming Choice, G. Duchess Claire of Golden Fall.
13.10.2044 Trewater By Sunrise mated on 13.10.2004 to Gillbryan As Time Goes By JW
1.9.2004 Archies son:

Gorgeous Glenn of Golden Fall (Moorfield Morning Archibald & Xanthos Ruby Murry)

22.8.2004 Studdog for my next litter online - got to litter-page.
21.8.2004 SHOWRESULTS at Int.Dogshow Innsbruck:
Ganwales Bluprint (junior class) Excellent 3
Ganwales Bonnie Blue (junior class) Excellent 4
8.8.2004 New Dog page added GANWALES CREAM CARAMEL
21.7.2004 ... planned litter for autumn 2004
20.7.2004 Fotos of the Royals and their owners online.
1.6.2004 update of both litter pages CC's + Royals !
13.5.2004 SINA'S puppies born. 4 boys & 4 girls. More Infos can be found on the litter page.
8.5.2004 Photos of week 1 online
1.5.2004 POLLY'S puppies born. 4 boys & 5 girls. More Infos can be found on the litter page.

G. Bright N'Blue- Excellent 4
(junior class)


G. Bonnie Blue- Excellent
G.Blueprint - Excellent

9.4.2004 SINA will have her puppies around May 15th !
30.3.2004 POLLY will have her puppies around May 1st !
13.3.2004 Sina (Ganwales all like an Angel) has been mated to ENJOY YOUR LANCE OF GOLDEN FALL (Lorinford Harlekin's son out of Xanthos Ruby Murray)
1.3.2004 Polly has been mated - puppies should arrive around
1st May 2004
18.2.2004 Time for a change ! I've worked on the layout and added a few pages. Hope you like it
4.12.2003 all kind of updates made!
6.9.2003 Sina passes excellent the character test and so has her breeding permission.
A litter is planned around march 2004.
23.8.2003 Sina wins junior class - ok only one more to go and she has her junior-title!
august 2003 Polly gets breeding permission,
litter announced for january 2004.
june 28th 2003 Breeding plans for 2003
june 15th 2003 New photo of Polly
april 24th 2003 The puppies are born!
april 3rd 2003 litter page updated C-litter planned 12/2003


february 18th 2003 Sunny has been mated!!! More news on the litter-page.
january 8th 2003 new foto of Polly, headshot of Rockafeller,
december 10th 2002 B-LITTER with REMINGTON ROCKAFELLER something around spring 2003 planned.


december 7th 2002

Moorfield Morning Archibald

Trewater by Sunrise

  Great showresults at our last show this year:
- who celebrated his 6th birthday this year in october - was placed first, this is his 5th CACA  sofar, and then he also could win the Res.CACIB .
beeing in phantastic condition after her litter in spring this year, won her class and so made her 3rd "1st placing" in a row and she also could win her first CACIB (CC).
september 30th 2002 What a weekend!
Trewater by Sunrise won 2x CACA, 1x Res. CACIB, BOS, Clubwinner 2002 and "Best Bitch" at the Bundessieger in Tulln (A) and the 2nd Austrian Clubshow the 1st NÍ-Retriever Trophy.

Res.CACIB - Trewater by Sunrise, CACIB was won by SHCH Stanroph Solar Flame (owner Ann Woodcock)

1st - Trewater by Sunrise, 2nd - Quakerhall Atlanta (owner Ann Woodcock)


Congratulations !

15th september 2002 Trewater by Sunrise achieved a 2nd place (Res.VDH-CH) at the DRC Clubshow in Winnenden.
June 20th 2002 Polly is here!
May 25th 2002 3 weeks to go, then I will fly to the UK and get my little girl Trewater Polly
may 2002 all the puppies left my house and are now living with their new owners
april 2002 link to the puppy-photos
March 14th 2002 The Puppies have arrived- more Infos on the litter-page
Jan. 21st 2002 Trewater By Sunrise ex Moorfield Morning Archibald
expect their puppies on march 17th
Dec. 5th 2001 A lot of work has been done, my new ENGLISH-HOMEPAGE is finished