Stormerick Don Giovanni

Cagney"   (DOB 25.4.2006)

     ***** Cagney is at stud to approved bitches*****

several matings sofar with lovely puppies as result who show great construction, good health and that typical golden character !
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( february 2009  aged 3 years)
Purbarn Gales N'Golden Rain JW SChM  ex Stormerick Sante Katerina

Hips- B, Elbows-0/0, OCD-free
BVA/KC hip-score 3:5
BVA/KC elbow- score 0/0
clear RD litter screening april 2006
clear eye certificate ( PRA, HC, RD) june 2007
complete scissors bite
character gundog-test 23.6.2007
obedience: Retriever-Basic-Test 1
                              Retriever-Basic-Test 2 (june2008)




 2,5 years

Cagney, my little rich golden rascal opened my heart in no time. Always hoping around, retrieving nearly everything he can find and so helps me doing the household everyday on: he makes the mess, I clean it up ! 
Cagney comes from beautiful Somerset, where the earth is dark red, the trees green as green can be and the rhododendron grow wild on the hills. I enjoyed this beautiful landscape and certainly will come back.


Rain, his father is a well known Showdog aswell as a well known Gundog, always in the mood for doing something crazy and very reliable in picking up.   This keeps everybody on the go and therefore they love him.  Emma, his mother is a lovely rich golden lady "of the old golden retriever type", which I favourize so much, always showing her gentil lovable temperament.

I hope Cagney ends up as a "well made put together cocktail" of his parents. Time will tell.

Emma & her Mom Rose                                                                  Emma                

Purbarn Gales N'Golden Rain JW SHCM
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7 weeks   


   juni 2008

update 23.9.2008- Cagney now aged 2,5 years

Fotogallery: Cagney in Action .... click here



12/2010 IHA Wels
Richter: Frank Kane
Bewertung: Excellent 2 (res. CACA) - Offene Klasse
11.1.2009 IHA-Innsbruck
Richter: Yvonne Jaussi
Bewertung: Excellent 4 (Offene Klasse)
"big 2,5 year old boy, masculin head, correct placed but a little big ears, excellent length of neck, correct shoulder placement, excellent forechest and depth, slightly long in loin, excellent tailset, tail-carriage while movement a little proud, excellent rear angulations, excellent bones, sound movement with drive, excellent presented." - this report has been translated    
10.1. 2009 NHA-Innsbruck
Judge: Sigrid Jarmer
Bewertung: Excellent 4 (Offene Klasse)
September 2008 IHA Avenches (CH)
Judge: Monica Everett-Monks (Lorinford)
Result: Very Good (Offene Klasse)
August 2008 IHA Innsbruck .......Cagney stayed at home: Sina was mated !
21.6.2008 IHA Luzern - (Open Class)    .........cancelled
18.5.2008 IHA St. Gallen - (Offene Klasse)
Richter: Valerie Banbery  (Fairfield)
Bewertug: Sehr Gut
......Cagney muss noch in die Offene Klasse "hineinwachsen"
17.5.2008 IHA St. Gallen - (Offene Klasse)
Richter: Ann Woodcock (Stanroph)
Bewertung: Sehr gut
..........Cagney muss noch in die Offene Klasse "hineinwachsen"
20.4.2008 Clubshow RCS Frauenfeld - (Zwischenklasse)
Richter: Jenny Mace (Purbarn)
Bewertung: Excellent 3
"This dark gold boy has imporved considerably sine I saw him in Germany. He would do well to carry a little more weight over the ribs. His angulation and overall body proportions are good, but he was a little proud of his tail today".
12.4.2008 IHA Wieselburg - (Intermediate)
judge: Mag. Siegrid Hauptmann
Very Good 3

december 2008 International Show Wels (A)- Intermediate
Judge: A.Koroz
Excellent 3
23.9.2007 La Nationale Lemanique in Avanches (CH) - (Intermediate)
Judge: Sue Towers (Alibren), GB
 Excellent 3

june 2007 GRC Clubshow Beckum - Juunior (30 entries !!!!)
Judge: Jenny Frankland-Mace (Purbarn), GB
Excellent 3
"Excellent. Nice expression, used his ears to advantage, good rach of neck, lovely front angulation, deep chest, level topline, well muscled quarters, a little proud of his tail on occasions, but moved on nice tight feet."
click to enlarge
may 2007 International Show in St. Gallen (Switzerland)
Juniorclass - Excelent 3
judge: Mrs. Freda Marshall (Gainspa)
january 2007

Clubshow Herrenberg (Germany)
Jugendklasse(9-15months) - Very Good
unfortunately change of judge, so once more: Mr.S.Watkins (Tamarley)

"lovely pigmentation, straight front, good top line, moved a little rattick, bit liked more to feathering in the picture to complete"

(well, guess this needs a short explanation
: Cagney was on the day of this show 9 months plus one day, and stood in the ring with mainly 12-15month old youngsters !!!!!) 


3.12.2006 Clubshow in Wettingen (Switzerland)
Jüngstenklasse (6-9months) - VERY PROMISING
judge: S.Watkins (Tamarley)