***This page provides details on current and future litters and the development of the puppies***

update 27.4.2011
we are planning to mate Ella (Ganwales Humble Bee) to our studdog Cagney (Stormerick Don Giovanni) this summer.

We expect to get various colours in coat, lovely gentile temperament and excellent construction.
This will be Ellas first litter, Cagney is an experienced studdog. His progeny is excellent, have a look at my german webpage, follow this link:

"Litters bred at Ganwales"
Here you can find further infos of litters with Cagney as father.


If you are interested in buying a puppy, please get in contact via email or phone !

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phone: +43 (0)5552 68925 or mobile +43 676 7252536


This is my way of breeding

The puppy room - enough space to play and enjoy life.  ..they also have their own little house... "The Ganwales Castle" Lots of visitors enjoy the time with the puppies. Folks, it's feeding time!!!! "Who is this?" Mom also enjoys playing with her puppies in the garden.  They really enjoy it Ganwales puppies never become board!

I don't breed very often, so I have enough time to concentrate on finding the right studdog for my bitch and give my puppies lots of care. No journey seems to be too long in order to get the dog I have in my mind, not nessessary to mention, thatI lay great interests in helth, character and construction concerning my breeding.

My puppies are raised in the house until they are 4 weeks old, then they move to the larger puppy room which is situated next to our house, only a few steps away from our porch.  As soon as the weather is suitable for puppies, they may go outside and find out what life is all about. They have a large garden with all kind of interesting things to explore. My puppies all have close contact to my other dogs and human-family members. Puppy time is playing time for my children. They enjoy in a very intensive manner that much too short time. 

I train and sozialize my puppies as good as possible, trying to show them all different things while they are with me, so they easily get used to their new life when leaving me at the age of approx. 7,5 -9 weeks. Simple lead training , travelling by car, getting to know the tune of the gundog-whistle , standing for the show and of course playing are just a few things I enjoy doing with my puppies. If the weather is fine, we enjoy adventures in the woods - of course Mum has to come with us - or a visit at our  fish lake closeby.



Puppies of Archies litter to Xanthos Ruby Murry


****** Present litter *********

sorry no puppies at the moment



****** Future litter *********
some time around june 2011

Stormerick Don Giovanni
HD-B, ED 0/0, Augen frei
Ganwales Humble Bee
HD-B, ED 0/0, Augen frei


Stormerick Don Giovanni Purbarn Gales N'Golden Rain JW
SHCH, Show Gundog Working Cert., 2CC's
CH Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm SGWC Lorinford Thunderstrom of Purbarn, SGWC
Cinmarsh Creates Havoc at Purbarn
Purbarn Come Together Gillbryan Water Bailiff JW
Purbarn Another Confusion
Stormerick Sante Katerina SHCH Stormerick Solomon JW, SHCHM Gatchells Jazz Playwer JW
Stormerick Fortune Cookie
Stormerick Kiss From A Rose CH Stanroph Sailor Boy
Stormerick Kiss me Kate
Ganwales Humble Bee Trebell Taken by Storm SHCH Captain Finn at Steval SHCH Steval Mickey Finn at Ivycrest
Princess of the Universe
Lindjan Lullaby at Trebell Gatchells Jazz Player
Ankera Quite Contrary of Anneymar
Ganwales Cream Caramel ÖBUNDESSIEGER
Trewater Polly SHCH Lindjan Xylonite
Ritzilyn Bucks Fizz at Trewater

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phone: +43 (0)5552 68925 or mobile +43 676 7252536


******* Past litter *******


(SCHM Purbarn Gales N'Golden Rain & Stormerick Sante Katarina)
hips B, elbows 0/0, clear  eye cert.
Trewater Polly
(SHCH Lindjan Xylonite & Ritzilyn Bucks Fizz)
hips B, elbows 0/0; clear eyes

As both of the parents have good working instincts and an active charkter, we expect puppies with good working abilities. Their very attentive way of dealing with people and situations asks for a close personal relationship
This is a repeat-mating of my K-litter which made us all very proud.
Have a look at he litter page: INFOS to my O-LITTER   "The Beautys"

Here a link to the K-litter Webpage: K-Litter, born 29.7.2008

"The Golden Retriever - your best buddy" .



So stay tuned.
If you are interested in having a puppy out of this litter, please get in contact, reservations can be made.

enquiries to
phone: +43 (0)5552 68925 or mobile +43 676 7252536






***************Exected litter ***************


****** Future litter *********

*****Past litters*****