Ganwales Duchess Penelope of Sunmountain


born:  13.May 2004

( 3 years)

Enjoy Your Lance of Golden Fall  ex ÷JCH Ganwales All Like an Angel

Owner: Beate Fischer, Lustenau (A)

Hips- A, Elbows 0/0
Eye-Certificate( PRA/HC/RD) : -   clear (August 2005) 


(17 months)


Enjoy Your Lance of Golden Fall
hips A, elbows o/o
WW 2000, EUW 2000
Multi-CH Lorinford Harlequin
SHCH Lorinford Lancelot SHCH Nortonwood Checkmate
Lorinford Playgirl
Lorinford Lovestory Chevanne Free'N Easy of Lorinford
Lorinford Daydreamer
Xanthos Ruby Murray SHCH Ritzilyn Cockney Robin SHCH Amirene King Eider of Davern
Ritzilyn Tickled Pink
Xanthos Rahnee Kerrien Churchill of Sansue
Glenmory Samskara

÷JCH Ganwales All Like an Angel
hips A, elbows o/o
Moorfield Morning Archibald
Ritzilyn Man About Town
CH Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien
SHCH Ritzilin Vivacity
Trewater Trouvaille CH Papeter Philosopher
CH Lovehayne Elisha of Trewater
Trewater By Sunrise
SHCH Golmas Governor Marjamez my Guy at Rossgilde
Golmas Grace'N Favour
Trewater Goodwill Gossip Tonara Guy Fawkes
SHCH Sandusky Khamsin at Trewater

PENNY was the little Baby of my D-litter. She was the smallest bitch and always giving the impresson beeing "very poor and neglected". Nearly everybody felt sorry for that bashful and shy little girl.

Well, it took only about two weeks and our little bashful girl became almost the leader of the gang at her new home. Within a few days she took over the whole place, re-designed the garden and part of the house, kept her owners on the go and "took great care" of the domestic ducks.  As a real retriever she was of the opinion, that they should live in the house, besides her basket and showed it them in a very clear manner . For some reason they really disliked this treatment and now they have their own fenced in part of the garden, with no disturbance anymore. Penny really wasn't happy with this new situation, and still is waiting infront of the door for them to join her !

Penny is a lovely cream coloured bitch, full of temperament with a very special character. She is my " 2nd Ganwales Generation" and we all put great hopes in her development and future.     

      Penny aged 7,5 weeks





Dec. 2005 Club-Show Wettingen
Excellent 3
Oct 2005 Bundessieger Show in Tulln (A)
Excellent (Intermediate Class)
Dec. 2004 SZS Wettingen des SRC, (CH)