We live in Vorarlberg, near by the german and swiss border. Far away from the “dog-center of Austria”, but I enjoy living in that beautiful country. A lot of tourists love to come to us to go skiing or hiking-   


Originally I am from Vienna and desided to live here when I met my husband. During the summertime I often visit my parents and stay with them in their house and enjoy the "comfortabel" living in Vienna. During the winter time my parents live in Arizona as "Austrian Snowbirds" - they always say "our bones dont need the cold continental weather" and so they also can meet the "american part of our family, as my father is American.

Throughout my childhood I wanted a dog, but my parents thought a cat would be ok.  I grew older, got married and moved from Vienna to Vorarlberg and a few years later my boys were born.

I have two boys- Maximilian (11) and Ludwig (9) – and they sometimes have to do without their mom, because I am busy with my DOG-HOBBY. My husband Thomas watches me patiently, and tries to help me where ever he can.

I enjoy going to dog-shows and train my dogs, but sometimes it’s necessary to remind me, that there are other important things to do also.

These lines should show you, what can happen, if your greatest wish comes true:


Finally the day, where I desided that the right time for a dog has come, was here: I visited a dog show and met a young lady, who’s meanwhile a girlfriend of mine, full of enthusiasm just beginning with breeding. We had a long talk and felt like beeing friends immediately , so I asked for a dog at that weekend.   


In october, 6 “long” months later, HE was born. I was allowed to look at the puppies several times, but I wasn’t able to choose my dog, because HE made his own decision, and layed down next to my feet whenever I came for a visit. So I had to take that lovely little fellow, not knowing what a special relationship has just started.

I called him Archibald.    


His breeder called him Moorfield Morning Archibald.


Being honest, I only wanted a family-dog, but Archies breeder Mrs. Hildegard Baier  realized his quality and talked me into joining the yearly Retriever Club Show. Archie, meanwhile 6 months old didn’t act like a show-dog should, but the judge Mr. Edwards ( Lovehayne Goldes) was very impressed of him and added a sentence to his report which changed a lot for me: “….a very promising future”

And as you know, when having success -  you want to reach the top.

We both had a lot of training to do, but - both hard-headed - we made it and Archie has won a lot of  1st prizes and  3 times


Several times he had the chance to pass on his lovely character, beautiful body and head  to his puppies. Each time I look at their photos or watch them at the dog shows, I am really proud of my boy.  

At the mean time, I have two Goldens. Since may 2000 Archie got a girlfriend, called Sunny. She comes from Wales - from Jane Clark "TREWATER-GOLDENS" - They both fell in love with each other right a way. This little puppy grew up fast. She has phantastic health-certificates, gained  her "JUNIOR CHAMPION" with 14months, and will be mated at the end of 2001. Certainly Archie is going to be the father of the puppies, but untill then a lot of  work must be done. Sunny is my second dog, and we both are training hard. Maybe ionce we’ll be ready to attend a WORKING-TEST - an aim we’ve set to us.

This summer (2002), my second bitch came to our house, called Polly. She also comes from the UK - Trewater Golden Retrievers, from a very promising combination. More details can be read about her, on her own page at .......

Golden Retriever

In October 2003 I drove by car to the U.K. to visit my friend Jane Clark (Trewater) and take my 4th dog home with us. He is called BRANSON and I met him for the first time during my stay at Janes house in March 2003 when visiting Crufts. Branson is in Janes ownership and in his pedigree you can find a lot of interesting lines, just perfect for my gils. We both fell in love immediately and so Branson now is living at my house and enjoys playing with the girls and Archibald. He is a perfect combination of his mom and father (Gatchells Jazz Player) with lots of will-to-please and working ability. Together we enjoy gundog-training very much.

Now you know the whole story and probably can imagine, that DOGMANIA is catching!

See you at one of the next shows!


                 Michaela E.-A.




updated january 2004